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  • Leonor Buzaglo

Swara Yoga

Atualizado: 25 de jul. de 2020

Swara means “the sound of ones breath” and Yoga means “union”, so Swara Yoga enables the state of union with universal consciousness to be reached by means of one’s breath. Although it involves some practices of pranayama, Swara Yoga is a more extensive and precise science.

The word Swara is much more than the air that flows through our nostrils, we are talking about prana

Heat, light and electricity are manifestation of prana. It may be in either static or dynamic state, and it is found in all forms of life, from the unicellular amoebae to man, from the elementary forms of plant life to the developed forms of animal life.

Breathing is a process that is generally ignored although it is the most important function in the body, it’s more than a simple physical action, each breath has an underlying energy and a particular “Coded message”. You may have noticed that someone’s presence even without much interactions can influenced the way you feel, for example making you sad and depressed even if you don’t have reasons for it. This happens because the interaction occurs in a much subtle level, in a pranic level!

The information in energy is in the atoms, in the air, in our breath, in the prana. So you can also feel it with places, objects, and food, with everything!

Particle physics explains how the atoms of every object interconnect with the particles of the surrounding environment, thus every manifestation in creation forms part of a never-ending field of particles.

Physics talks about the undifferentiated field, and yoga about an all-pervading consciousness. In reference to this the great scientist of our time Albert Einstein has said, “We may therefor regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense… There’s no place in this new kind of physics both for the field (consciousness) and matter, for the field (consciousness) is the only reality”

Albert Einstein famous equation, E=mc2, that matter is energy in its potential state, and this is an ancient information in the Vedas.

Prana flows in our body through the energetic pathways called Nadis. There are three main nadis: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. In swara Yoga Ida nadi and Pingala nadi are the two major energy circuits and are the main focus of this science. Ida corresponds to the left nostril and it’s associated to the lunar energy and Pingala corresponds to the right nostril and it’s associated to the solar energy. Swara yoga aims to bring balance between Ida and Pingala duality and thus awaken Sushumna, the pure consciousness.

Ida, Pingala and Sushumna do not flow randomly but at specific times in synchronization with the solar/Lunar rhythms. According to Shiva Swarodaya the active nadi flows for two and a half ghati, which is equivalent to 60 minutes. Thereafter, Sushumna functions for 1-4 minutes and then the other nadi begins to operate.

Neuroscience has found the same sequence is brain hemisphere activity. One hemisphere remains active for 60-90 minutes, when that cycle is complete; there is a transfer of energy to the other hemisphere through a thin sheet of membrane called the corpus callosum, over a period of 1-4 minutes.

Science has found that the brain hemispheres control the breathing in the right and left nostrils. The active hemisphere stimulates the connected nostril, therefor there is only one nostril active when the other remains partially blocked. This way Ida nadi corresponds to the right hemisphere and Pingala to the left.

If both swaras operate together there is perfect balance in every aspects. But this has to be developed and that is the aim of Swara Yoga. Bringing the balance between these two forces, Ida and Pingala will increase the capacity of all vayus and chakras, all nadis will be balanced and awakening of Sushumna can take place.

In order to achieve balance and harmony it’s important to live according to the natural flows of our body, and swara yoga helps us to do that. During the flow of Ida and Pingala certain actions are considered more appropriate than others. For example when Ida flows is the right time for mental work, and when Pingala flows for physical work.

They can be regulated and controlled by means of the breath. If you can understand the nature of breath you can gain great insight into the body and mind, if you can control the swara you can control the activities of the brain and nervous system

Each individual has in himself the information of the entire universe. What we are looking for is already within us. Yoga gives us the tools to merge into the ocean that we all are droplets of.

Leonor Feron Buzaglo

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